Wolfmother is back with a new lineup and album



Last year I was really sad to hear Wolfmother more or less broke up, since the ’70s-reminiscent hard rock trio became a one man show, after the bassist and drummer left, leaving frontman Andew Stockdale to himself. Well, after some time now, Andrew kept word to his promise and reformed the band under a new lineup – this time as a four piece. Last night, the band played a secret show under the name White Feather at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory, premiering tracks from the long-awaited second album, scheduled for a March release, supposedly.

Bellow is a live recording (excuse the quality) of “Pilgrim,” a new song off the upcoming album, played last night in Sydney.

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  • michael

    oh lord. wolfmother suck. wolfmother have always sucked. and they continue to. oh well i suppose for every positive action (blink reunion) theres a negative reaction (wolfmother reunion)

  • John

    That depends on music taste like how i prefer Wolfmother over blink 182.

  • Stennar

    oh lord. oh well i suppose for every awesome band (wolfmother) there’s a jealous douche who hates that they’re successful and he’s not (you)

  • http://misterhands.wordpress.com Al Byrne

    Well, to be fair, Wolfmother never really proved to be anything more than a very mediocre Zeppelin “tribute”. And the guy’s voice is like Geddy Lee crossed with a dying owl.

  • JumboBird

    Finally, I almost lost hope of Andrew finding people for a new line up. And as for Blink 182, shitty punk bands died in the ’90s. Rock and Roll however, will live forever!

  • http://www.myspace.com/rivircougar Dav

    hell ya! wolfmother is a great rock band. this made my ENTIRE day! maybe even the week. haha
    i have a band if you care. this is our website. and no were not emo punk. were rock and roll. check us out!

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  • blink 187

    seriously blink 182 pop punk over wolfmother? better hurry looks like your mtv is on…