Roots Remix God. Sort Of.

What I did. Some bad photoshopping. What I didn't do. Anything else.

Q: What did Scott Adams name the ill-advised cyborg character in his persistent comic strip, Dilbert?

A: Ro-Bert!

Ha Ha Ha Ha! That’s a pretty good joke, no? Still, that’s not nearly as good as this thing: a Roots-remixed version of Monsters of Folk’s prettiful ode to fairy tales, “Dear God”. Imaginatively titled “Dear God 2.0”, it’ll be appearing on The Roots’ new album How I Got Over, released on June 22. Also, it seems that the hulking behemoths of folk themselves, Messrs James, Ward Mogis and Oberst, contributed in some arbitrary manner to this carefully rapped repackaging of the song, so hurrah for working together and the greater good and all that noise. I’d wave some sort of cheerful banner if humanity wasn’t doomed to extinction anyway. Second law, and all that. Anyway.


Dear God 2.0 by ZME Music

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