Download: Liechtenstein – ‘Roses in the Park’


LiechtensteinRenée, Naemi and Elin, the three wonderful girls that make up the Swede power-pop trio Liechtenstein, just recently played their first show in the states, where (from what my sources tell me :D ) they simply brought the roof down.

The band is still very obscure, but trust me, they’ll  get very big in the coming months for sure (as big as you can get as an indie outfit). They’re debut album, Survival Strategies in a Modern World will be out tomorrow, until then though you can read our full ZME review written by our reviewer, Alex Petrache.

As a small appetizer, you can stream and download “Roses in the Park,” a really feel good song with crescendo choruses and relaxing riffs. Sound reminds you of a band, right? Yeah, me too – the Vivian Girls, right? Don’t worry, though, I’m sure Liechtenstein’s intentions are far from copying another band’s sound. Similar, but different. Refreshing, actually. Oh, enough talk. Listen! [MP3 via The Days of Lore | More Liechtenstein at their MySpace]


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