Liechtenstein – ‘Survival Strategies In A Modern World’

51ztqsy1hvl_sl500_aa240_5 Album name: Survival Strategies in a Modern World
Artist name: Liechtenstein
Genre: Indie Pop
Released: May 26th 2009
Label: Fraction Discs, Slumberland
ZME Rating: 9,5/10

Liechtenstein is a Swedish indie pop band from Göteborg. They are quite new on the indie music scene, as they will only release their very first album later this month, on the 26th. The band is a perfect trio: Naemi takes care of the bassline, Renée is the guitarist and Elin plays the drums; they describe themselves as “falling and stupid, young and laughing”, so it will certainly draw the attention of teens, but they will also capture the eye of those hipsters who still think they’re young and laughing, so basically the band took care of their target audience.

The album sounds great! They represent the genre quite well. It will definitely be successful among fans of other indie pop representatives like Belle & Sebastian or Headlights, but also among the fans of  Saturday Looks Good to Me, the lead singers having almost identical voices. You will also find similarities to Electrelane, a couple of their songs having that electro sound, very close to the experimental indie sound of Electrelane. They have already released singles like “Roses in the Park” or “Stalking Skills”, which you can hear on their MySpace page, next to other tracks of their first album.

The band already confirmed their presence at the New York Popfest, where the band list is absolutely incredible. They will also have other concerts around the USA and of course, in their home town, in Sweeden. So unfortunately, the other European fans will have to wait to hear them live and a simple visit to their Mypace homepage will just have to do for now. Listen to their songs listed on their page, as it will surely get you to push the repeat button, over and over and over again. Enjoy! And here is the tracklist of their very first album:

  1. All at Once
  2. Postcard
  3. Sophistication
  4. By Staying Here (We Will Slowly Disappear)
  5. Wallpaper Stripes
  6. Roses in the Park
  7. Reflections
  8. White Dress
  9. The End

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