Listen: The Temper Trap – ‘Fools’ (Peter, Bjorn and John remix)

If you enjoyed the Melbourne quartet’s 2009 debut, then the upcoming remixed version of “Conditions” will definitely light your day. Featuring rehashes by the likes of Fool’s Gold, Rusko, Penguin Prison, Alan Wilkis or Peter, Bjorn & John, “Conditions Remixed” comes in as fresh and dazzling, as The Temper Trap’s debut. Below you can stream PB&J’s version of Fools – a minimalist, lightweight rendition that excellently blends with the band’s original harmonies.

Conditions Remixed is out November 2nd. Tracklist right after the jump.

  1. Love Lost (Sister Bliss and Rollo Mix)
  2. Rest – (Three Trapped Tigers Remix)
  3. Sweet Disposition (Alan Wilkis Mix)
  4. Down River (Fool’s Gold Remix)
  5. Soldier On (RUSKOS F’kin Seagull Remix)
  6. Fader (Adam Freeland Remix)
  7. Fools (Peter, Bjorn & John Hortlax Cobra Remix)
  8. Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix)
  9. Science of Fear (The Count (aka Hervé) ‘Medusa’ Remix)
  10. Drum Song (BretonLabs Remix featuring Kate Tempest)

[As premiered on PMA!]

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