Listen to new Sigur Ros unreleased tracks [1999-2000 session]

Mainly due to frontman Jónsi Birgisson’s focus on solo projects in the past few years, there’s been little insight, let alone new material, surfacing from the Icelandic dream-pop experimentalists. Sensing this, who knows, Sigur Ros has uploaded to its SoundCloud a slew of new unreleased tracks, like demos, alternate versions or rare lives, which never made the final studio draft for one reason or another, but which are now up on the web for your musical delight.

Most of the songs were produced between 1999-2000, corresponding with the release of the band’s most acclaimed record to date, Ágætis byrjun. As a personal recommendation be sure to check out the live cuts, which more than make up for the questionable quality in uplifting vibe.

svefn-g-englar 1999 demo
by sigur rós

ágætis byrjun manipulations
by sigur rós

ágætis byrjun demos
by sigur rós

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