Mew Menomena video: ‘Evil Bee’

Portland based experimental band Menomena are back with a new video about “the bird and the bees”, a tale of love or circle of life documentary, you’ll be the judge of that. The “Evil Bee” video has succeeded in diverging my focus entirely on the video, barely noticing the song at all, and that’s a big thumbs up for director Stefan Nadelman. Glasses of redish liquid are carries across assembly lines, until finally they reach a worker bee; he drinks it and regurgitates it back in the form of honey. Sick of the life of a worker bee slave the rebel insect turns against the evil half pigeons, half excavator and flees through the dark caverns, before he meets his female friend. Together they fly out of the pigeon prison and have mate on a nearby flower, making honey the natural way, better then vomiting i guess.

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