New Blonde Redhead video: ‘The Dress’

Blonde RedheadI’ve always had the deepest respect for one of my favorite Indie bands [tag]Blonde Redhead[/tag], delighting people with their music and work for 10 years now. Their last release “23” simply blew my mind, its such a great record with great songs. One of these great songs is “The Dress”, a very pretty and passionate song, but also delightfully uncanny, thanks to Makino‘s masterful whisper.

The video was directed by Mike Mills, a man with a lot of experience and previous work with Blonde Redhead, and is based on a simple concept but beautifully executed! Basically there’s a series of people, all seemingly ravished by a terrible past. At first their expressions are just blank and empty, but towards the end of the video the people burst into tears.

‘I love you less now that I know you’


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