New Bodies of Water video: ‘Under the Pines’

Bodies of Water

Bodies of WaterThink of The Village, only a lot more disturbing and less lame, and you can make an idea of Bodies of Water‘s new awesome video for “Under the Pines,” off their last year summer release, “A Certain Feeling.” The video’s plot is quite interesting, although ringing of clichés, but that’s what makes it so fun, because it’s so intentionally predictable, I guess.

A man going hunting in the woods, shoots a dog. While gutting it, he finds a really big ass diamond and takes it home for himself. What follows is nature’s way of handling greed and man’s disrupting nature. Directed by Andy Bruntel. [via stereogum]

P.S. Never mess with the spirit of the forrest. Oh, and never shoot puppies. It’s not nice :(.

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