Hot Streaming: Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP (limited)

Bon Iver Blood Bank EP cover art

Bon Iver Blood Bank EP cover artBon Iver‘s “For Emma, Forever Ago” ranked #3 on our ZME Top 50 of 2008, making it, for us at least, one of the best albums of year and one of the best debuts in years.

Although “Blood Bank,” the latest material from Justin, is just a short, four track EP, it’s interesting to see if he can produce music of the same quality, without being confined to an isolated Wisconsin mountain cabin.

For those curious to find out, you can now stream Blood Bank at Bon Iver’s Myspace, where all four tracks are available for sampling, in their entire length, for a limited amout of time, unfortunately.

A short review, the tracks quite as good as those on Emma, but their undoubtedly as deep. “Babys” seems to be the EP’s stand-out song, with a rushing wall of piano notes, which grows and grows in intensity until the 2 minute mark, before collapsing in a soothing guitar harmony, as Justin begins to sing.

Stream: Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP.


  1. “Blood Bank”
  2. “Beach Baby”
  3. “Babys”
  4. “Woods”

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