New Marissa Nadler video: ‘Famous Blue Raincoat’

The umbrella and raincoat have always been autumn motifs for arists across the years. The semantics of these two words can vary from artists to artist; they can signify protection, depression (rain can do that to ‘ya) or, in Leonard Cohan/Marissa Nadler‘s case, nostalgia. “Famous Blue Raincoat” is the name of Marissa Nadler’s cover present on her latest disk “Songs III: Birds on The Water,” a song originally penned by master Leonard Cohen (click here for the original). Marissa definitely did an awesome job with the song, her soothing voice going perfectly with the song’s overall vibe. As for the recently released video, it looks pretty great. The split-screen view adds a certain deepth in perception, and, coupled with the poloroid effect, adds some dramatism, too.

If there are any Marissa Nadler fans among you guys, know that she also has a blog, which can be accessed here. [via stereogum]

Marissa Nadler – Famous Blue Raincoat from Greg Eggebeen on Vimeo.

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