Sunset Rubdown maps spring tour

Sunset Rubdown
One of my favorite songwriters, Spencer Krug, is set to travel across the Atlantic , accompanied by his band [tag]Sunset Rubdown[/tag], as part of a spring tour in Europe. The Canadians will be touring across the old world, through out UK, Ireland, and a couple Scandinavian countries before ending in early June. Should prove entertaining, especially because I,myself, am European and a big fan of the band, hopefully I’ll get to review a gig. All shows will be in support of the surreal Random Spirit Lover, #21 on our top 2007 albums

Sunset Rubdown on tour:

May 16-18: Minehead, England – Butlins Holiday Centre (Explosions in the Sky ATP)
May 19: Manchester, England – Moho
May 20: Dublin, Ireland – Crawdaddy
May 21: Bristol, England – Thekla Social
May 22: London, England – The Luminaire
May 26: Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
May 28: Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen
May 31: Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser
June 2: Utrecht, Netherlands – Ekko

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