LCD Soundsystem announces farewell show – Madison Square Garden April 2

good people of earth:
lcd soundsystem are playing madison square garden on april 2nd, and it will be our last show ever. we are retiring from the game. gettin’ out. movin’
on. but for just one more night, we will be playing with friends and family for nearly 3 hours–playing stuff we’ve never played before and going out with a bang. and we’d like you to be there.

if you would, we’d love it if people all came in white. or black. or black and white. and come ready to have fun, please. and come early, as the festivities will be opened by our favorites, liquid liquid. yes: liquid

if it’s a funeral, let’s have the best funeral ever!!!

The above quote is from LCD Soundsystem’s website where, in a recent post this weekend, Murphy announces his much expected farewell party, and what better place do it other than his own hometown’s Madison Square Garden. I’m a bit dragged with the whole black and white stuff, seems a bit over-dramatic for my taste, but I gotta hand it to the man for having the courage to step down when he felt enough was enough, not letting himself being influenced neither by fame or money, both in his favor if he decided to carry on with LCD. Some might be curious to know why, the fans will probably shed tears until the next hyped band comes along, his friends all know what happened, but no matter what it’s James Murphy’s decision and let’s face it, he’s a big boy, I think he knows what’s best for him.

Tickets for the highly anticipated Madison Square Garden LCD Sounsystem show will be on sale February 11th via BOWERYPRESENTS.COM AND TICKETMASTER.COM. The place will be packing, so I’d recommend those who really plan on attending the show to book as soon as they go live – it’s gonna sell like hot donouts. Cheers, James!

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