The Fratellis: “Costello Music”

The Fratellis, Costello Music album coverBand name: The Fratellis
Album name: Costello Music
Label: Interscope
Gender: Rock/Indie
Released on: 11 September 2006, in the UK
ZMErating: 3.5/5

Listen up folks, for the new British revolution is coming. Admist the Paul Weller inspired bands, that have worked their way into producing music steeped in disco badness, there is one group that has successfully “gone retro”, without any more a due i present: The Fratellis!There have been quite a few retro-inspired British indie rock bands jostling for attention lately (The Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs and Bloc Party to name just a few). You might even be thinking that you’re just about done with all of them and it’s time to move on. Well, the three pseudo brothers from The Fratellis (Jon Fratelli – vocals & guitar, Barry Fratelli – bass guitar, Mince Fratelli) are here with their debut CD Costello Music to prove you wrong.

We could say that The Fratellis has been rather fortunate, as their album benefited from some nice promoting with a prestigious headlining tour and support slot with Kasabian when the album was early launched and with the latest iPod ad, which featured “Flathead”.The fantastic opening cut, “Henrietta”, fast-paced tale of lusting after a married woman, as upbeat guitar stabs pin down glammy melodies and some nifty rhythm breaks courtesy of bassist Barry Fratelli (his actual former surname, or so he claims) and drummer Mince Fratelli (Gordon McRory). Henrietta we got no flowers for you / Just these three miserable cunts / Sitting on the back seat banging on the off beat / We know you love us and you probably do

The “Whistle For The Choir” track has a nice style that resembles fellow Brit rockers The Libertines in its downbeat and provides a little downtime before “Chelsea Dagger”, which marks the beginning of wave of glam-rock inspired series of tracks, disrupted only by slower-paced “Doginabag. “For the Girl” gives lead singer Jon Fratelli a chance to reminisce on failed romances and throws around more “la la la”s, with its jumpy rhythm giving Jon many winking takes on the trials of love. I was into the Stones when she was into the Roses / She was breaking my bones when I was busting their noses

Track list:

1 Henrietta (3:31)
2 Flathead (3:17)
3 Whistle for the Choir (3:35)
4 Chelsea Dagger (3:35)
5 Gutterati? (2:28)
6 For the Girl (2:48)
7 Doginabag (3:20)
8 Creepin Up the Backstairs (3:06)
9 Vince the Loveable Stoner (3:14)
10 Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night (3:54)
11 Baby Fratelli (3:57)
12 Got Ma Nuts from a Hippy (3:10)
13 Ole Black ‘N’ Blue Eyes (3:14)

The Fratellis’s style may seem crude, maybe even juvenile, but their catchy and passionate tunes with nervous energy may cause some of you to keep playing their records for a long time ahead. Their new fresh sound helps revive the British Indie rock scen, taking its wearying routines to new places and infusing its sounds with much-needed energy, i guarantee we’ll be hearing a lot more from The Fratellis!

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