‘Led’ the show begins

zep256.jpgThe day of Led is here. Or the day or re-Led would be a bit better. Tonight’s the night that the legendary British blues-metal gods reunite.

This live act is their first in 27 years. They are going to play in England and fans of all ages are ecstatic to see them. There is a frenzy which is hard to stop and just about everybody wants to be there. The frenzy is ever so present on eBay where “tickets” have been sold for thousands of dollars.

The three surviving members of Zeppelin — guitarist Jimmy Page, singer Robert Plant and bassist John Paul Jones — have not played a full show together since drummer John Bonham drank himself to death one night in 1980. He is going to be replaced for this live act with his 41-year-old son Jason. An all-star band led by former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and featuring guest appearances by Foreigner, Paul Rodgers, Paolo Nutini and more will open the show.

But the eyes follow 59-year-old Plant and 63-year-old Page. Can the first sing such caterwauling notes as he did in his youth ? Can the latter play the same fabulous guitar pyrotechnics ? This could be very hard as he broke a finger which has delayed the tour for a couple of weeks. Plant seemed to have changed his mind about how bad the reunion would be “It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to play together from time to time,” he told the Sunday Times — but then he added: “I don’t think I said that. No. No. No. Somebody else inside me was saying that … We’re not having any more of that. It was great, but I’ve got to go down the highway now.”. It remains to be seen.

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