Happy (Belated) Birthday Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page - Born Jan 9 1944 and still rocking!

Show:  Jimmy Page / The Firm

Date: May 7th, 1985

Place: Worcester, Massachusetts

Venue: Worcester Centrum


Jimmy Page - Born Jan 9 1944 and still rocking!

5:00 P.M – Pick up Sister and her boyfriend for the show.

5:10 – Stopped at liquor store.

5:15 – Driving down the Mass Pike from Boston heading West.

5:25 – Some jerk thinks his car is faster.

5:30 – Shortly after I watched the piston fly out of my hood in a cloudy puff, I found out he was right.

6:30 – Moments after watching my car getting towed away, we started thumbing down highway to get to the show.

6:35 – Picked up by the police.

6:45 – Dropped at truck stop with warning to not do it again or we would get arrested.

6:46 – Started walking down ramp again to get to Jimmy (sorry officer).

6:48 – Luckily the three of us were picked up by trucker’s “Big Red” and “Country Bob”, they wanted our booze for a ride to the show.

7:15 – Handed over the brews, and got dropped “close” to the Centrum and started walking, and walking and walking some more.

8:00 – Arrived at Centrum, sat down, cooled down and the show started.

8:00 – 10:30 – Shocked and awed. My skin covered in goose bumps the entire time, complete amazement.

May 8th – 8:00 – Went again via bus to catch the second nights show.

26 years later – Been to over 500 shows, but still nobody can outplay Jimmy Page.

Forever: A Jimmy Page fan

Happy Birthday Jimmy Page the master of all that is guitars. Please grace us with your presence again.


~ Since I’ve Been Loving You ~

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