Led Zeppelin: ‘Will Not Tour’

robert-plant-2007.jpgAfter their already legendary O2 gig, they seemed pretty excited about how they were welcomed and how fans were extatic to see them. They seemed to enjoy themselves also, and there were strong rumours about a world tour.

Alas, nothing was really stable, and according to a source close to Robert Plant they will not play again together. The Sunday Mirror newspaper quotes an anonymous source as saying that the band have turned down a £100 million offer to tour, with Plant’s own non-Led Zeppelin musical plans the reason for the decision.

Here is the quote from the newspaper:

“Despite the enormous offer, the decision did not come down to money. They always said they would do the one-off show and then see how they felt.
“Jimmy [Page, guitarist] enjoyed the concert in December enough to want to tour. He argued they still had something to offer. He likes the idea of another chapter in the band – the grown-up tour.

“John [Paul Jones, bassist] sided with Jimmy. He loved making music with the others again. But Robert [Plant] wanted to leave last year’s concert as their legacy. They had proved they could still do it and that was enough.

“He has other commitments and is happier looking forward to those. Robert put the mockers on the tour.”

Oh c’mon, that’s just selfish. Performing a gig is not proving that you can do it. If you want to do it, the old fashion style, go on a world tour, even record something, especially when you have such a humongous fan base. Thumbs down for Plant.

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  • holy moly

    it’s all well and good touring again, but recording another record? it would be interesting but other bands have taken that road and fallen flat on their face. atleast this way, led zepplin can remain untarnished. with robert plants current musical direction, could you really see him writing another immigrant song?

  • Christopher

    I formulate opinions backwards, it seems. lol I’m going back in time!

    100 MILLION?!?! 100 million ANYTHING is reason to do just about anything. 100 million PENNIES is still 10 Million dollars!!

    I do see Plant’s point, though. As the author said, loads of people have tried coming back after 100 years because “we’ve still got it!”, only to land on their heads hard. No one decides to tour again and release a new album because they feel like they CAN’T hack it.

    I think I’d rather let it go, too. Still, though. If you owned a live show the way people sound as though they did at O2, why wouldn’t you just gig for the fun of it? You don’t have to relase an album, but just tour and have fun.

    And try not to fall off the stage with your old asses. lol

  • Ed Smith, Palm Springs, CA

    It would have been great if Robert Plant had wanted to tour, but regardless of the talent of the others, without Plant, there is no Zeppelin.

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