New Nellie McKay video: ‘Zombie’

Don’t let the title track scare you away, it’s really a sweet video for a sweet song from a equally sweet Nellie McKay. Her stand up comedy days came up in handy when making the video for her ’50ish in house jazz extravaganza “Zombie.” The video features scenes with Nellie performing on a stage, teaching people the lost technique of the zombie dance, it’s really simple really: hands forward, positioned at the 90 degrees angle with your body, one slow left crippled step left, then one rotten and rocky step right and so on, if you really want to impress your friend you can add a growl.

The rest of the video features clumsy New Yorkers trying to impersonate zombies, doing a pretty terrible job at it I might say. Sweet song, a tad too long at 6 minutes plus, but worth a listen and especially watch. “Do the zombie!”

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