New Pearl Jam song: ‘Better Days’


Courtesy of an intentional leak or not (we couldn’t care less, right?), we’ve managed to get ahold of a brand new Pearl Jam song called, “Better Days”, some sort of remnant from the 2002 Riot Act album sessions. The song was posted on the Monkey Wrench Records site where two members of the band’s management shared it via a post. Naturally, fans swept it and uploaded it all over the web, and since then the website has been password protected. Whether it was a blunt mistake or a deliberate marketing stunt in anticipation for future Pearl Jam, nothing’s certain, but again who cares? We’ve got some new Pearl Jam, folks, and it’s not half bad either! In short, Better Days is slow, mellow track that sees Eddie Vedder’s falsetto hit some spectacular notes. You can listen to the song online at the Antiquiet blog – props for the upload guys! [via stereogum]

[stream] Pearl Jam – Better Days

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