New Radiohead video: ‘House of Cards’ + making of

I was really impressed and ecstatic about the new Radiohead video, for In Rainbows slow jam “House Of Cards,” when I first talk about it last week. Now, finally, the video has surfaced on the web (well actually it’s been on for a few good days now, but I’ve been away and stuff like that) and let me tell you it doesn’t fail any of my grandeous expectations I had for it. It’s simply stunning. Incredible how complex marvels of today’s technology (the video has been shot entirely with lasers, no cameras!) can help create something so beautiful in it’s whole simplicity.

That was great, right? Well if your curious on how the whole thing was possible, then you might be interested in watching the ‘making of’ bellow and learn all about Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR technologies, that helped the video come to be. Oh, and while you’re at it be sure to check out the special Radiohead Google Code page, where you can explore the data visualization of the video in spectacular video. You can even download the data for the video, rehash it and make a whole different version, that you can then upload to the special House Of Cards YouTube channel. Have fun!

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