Radiohead launch social networking site

Well it’s been a while since we said anything about Radiohead (yeah, right), and they would probably just die without the lack of attention. Yeah, guess what’s their next move?

In their next internet assault Radiohead have launched their own social networking site at I can just smell the lines…Hey, I’m a power user at the Radiohead social network! I made Radiohead front page, etc. So keeping things (as) serious (as possible), it’s not that bad.

You can add your own profile, photos and personal info, comment on other users’ pages and photos, and obviously view exclusive Radiohead photos and videos. It’s going to be great for the fans, no doubt about it. But for the non-fan users? For those who just like their music, without being fanatic and stuff? It remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, you get a platform to discuss Radiohead’s 2008 tour dates and talk about upcoming events with like minded fans. This is, as far as I’m concerned, a really fantastic initiative and more bands could learn from this.

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