New Snoop Dogg video: Sensual Seduction

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen anything new from the intoxicating rapper [tag]Snoop Dogg[/tag], except for maybe that reality show, but now it seems he’s trying a comeback and his taking the ’80s with too. His latest video “Sensual Seduction,” released today, features Snoop singing in auto-tune, in a 80’s background ranging from the crappy editing and filming to the cheap ass disco clothes. Well… interesting.

“Sensual Seduction” is the first single from Snoop Dogg’s upcoming ninth album Ego Trippin’

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  • Joan

    This Melina girl, the video directer, is so talented. This is one awesome video!
    Check out 5 other great videos she made.

  • comment draguer

    Haha this video is so cool. I am seduced.

  • guide seduction

    Oh the video has been deleted ! Where can I find it please?

  • dragueTV

    I like Snoop Dog… but I can’t see the video!