New Music Monday: 21 January

This is definitely one of those indie dominating weeks, with new releases from the likes of [tag]Cat Power[/tag], [tag]Dengue Fever[/tag], [tag]The Whigs[/tag] or [tag]Get Set Go[/tag]. Some highlights include Charlyn Marshall’s (Cat Power) “Jukebox,” her second cover album, filled with great renditions of such classics as James Brows, Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan or Lee Clayton, as well as Athens, Georgia garage rock trio [tag]The Whigs[/tag] and their sophomore release Mission Control. This latest album from the southerners is definitely a more then worthy follow up, to their critically acclaimed debut and I believe it would do well to catapult these guys on to most radars.

 Cat Power - Jukebox
Cat Power: Jukebox

The Whigs - Mission Control
The Whigs: Mission Control

Hey Willpower  	P.D.A.
Hey Willpower: P.D.A.

Dengue Fever  	Venus On Earth
Dengue Fever: Venus On Earth

Get Set Go  	Sunshine, Joy and Happiness: A Tragic Tale of Death, Despair and Other Silly Nonsense
Get Set Go: Sunshine, Joy and Happiness

LightSpeed Champion
Lightspeed Champion: Falling Off The Lavendar Bridge

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