Vintage Rilo Kiley video: ‘Wires and Waves’

It was the year 2001 and [tag]Rilo Kiley[/tag] were just making their debut into the indie mainstream with their own lovely Take-Offs and Landings. One of the stand out track was “Wires and Waves,” a heartbreaking now conventional Rilo Kiley anthem, that was also picked for a music video as well. But when you film a video with planes and sing lines like “sometimes planes they smash up in the sky,” right after the 9/11 incident, you’re bound to cause some waves, fact that lead the video being shelved. Now 6 years later it’s surfaced for your viewing pleasure and what a fun trip down memory lane does this vid makes. The crew looks a lot more younger, Jenny looking as lovely as ever with short hair too, oh and Jason Boesel (drummer) mustache can cause quite a scare, be careful about that. Well better late,then never, here’s the video for Wires and Waves.

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