Foo Fighters’ first single ‘Rope’ will be out February 23

Good news for Foo fans! As reports, it seems the first single off the band’s yet untitled new album is called “Rope” and will be delivered to radio stations at 7am ET on February 23rd. You can listen to the song below in a low quality YouTube video recording the Foos performing the song during a recent secret LA showcase. It indeed doesn’t seem to do the original recording justice, filled of distortions at it is, but it nevertheless does a very good job in hinting towards its feel, which I dare to say sounds very prog rock. Am I the only one?

Also, the fine lads down at CoS have painstakenly collected all the live footage of Foos playing songs off the new album and have compiled them all into a one round post, right for your picking. Stream the Foo Fighters new album in the low-quality YouTube stream here. As previously reported, the new album is slated for an April 12th release on RCA.

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