Tickets for LCD Soundsystem’s SOLD OUT in under an hour!

I mentioned a few days ago that LCD Soundsystem will be performing its last gig ever on April 2nd in a scheduled epic finale at NYC’s Madison Square Garden. Today I’ve been given to find out that all the tickets have been sold in a whooping HOUR! A true testament of the fans’ love for the band. With those waiting in lines for hours in the freezing rain, forced to go home empty handed, I can only sympathize. Hopefully however a supplementary ticket session will be supplied and maybe a live stream will be put in place. We’ll keep you posted with details concerning this in the future.

UPDATE: the pre-sale tickets were sold out, public ticketing is available starting this Friday. Jeremiah is right – thank you!

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  • Jeremiah

    the PRESALE sold out. the public onsale starts on friday (2/11).

  • danny boy

    what freezing rain? where do you live? there was not one cloud in the sky…

  • Derek

    How the eff do these jack-offs sell out MSG? This music is awful. Good riddance.

  • Emory

    You’re facts are all f*cked up. It wasn’t raining when we waited in line at the Mercury lounge. And they sold out way way before an hour was up. What’s wrong with you?