Arch Enemy continue touring even though Alissa White Gluz was injured



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The newest Arch Enemy frontwoman, Alissa White Gluz was injured during an accident on stage at one of the band’s latest shows from their European tour. It seems that a broken rib won’t keep the artist away from the stage, according to a statement where she explains that the band will continue touring:

Thank you for the love and well wishes, everyone who has written to me! It really does help, seriously! As someone who avoids drugs at all costs, I take a pretty mind-over-matter approach to physical pain, so I’m finding ways of coping with the pain on stage and keeping my body horizontal when off stage.
Anyone at that show who saw me body slam through the f—–g riser could imagine there would be some damage. But, I’m a stubborn f— and I waited a few shows before going to get xrays, ultra sounds and blood tests. The damage to my head, arms and legs is just bad bruising, there is no apparent organ damage and no internal bleeding.
Unfortunately there is a compound break on one rib and severe bruising around several others. Good news is that the pieces of the rib are well aligned to heal back in place! The doctor forbade me to continue playing shows… But cancelling shows would hurt way worse. Today felt a bit better.. I could breathe with less pain and I am almost able to stand up/sit down without pain.
Can’t wait to heal this s–t so I can work out again. The shows have been just amazing, thank you! I look forward to destroying many more stages with you guys (and to hopefully avoid destroying myself from now on). Horns up!

The band is on an European tour that started in Bucharest, Romania on May 23. For more information about tour dates and tickets, check out their official facebook page.

Also next week Arch Enemy will release their newest album, War Eternal, which is actually the band’s first album recorded with their newest singer, Alissa White Gluz.

Check out below the latest Arch Enemy video,  You Will Know My Name!

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