Coming of Age Through 60’s Revival

Photograph by Nick Helderman

Photograph by Nick Helderman

Drawing from affecting tones of 60’s baroque pop and psychedelic trance, Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer, Jacco Gardner has created an enigmatic world from the loss of innocence.

From listening to Gardner’s singles such as The Ballad of Little Jane and Where Will You Go,” and Summer’s Game,” his influences are quite clear. This multi-instrumentalist blends contemporary sounds along with classical ones such as the harpsichord, clarinet, and flute. Influenced by past artists such as The Left Banke and Billy Nicholls, Gardner’s sound can also be attributed to newer artists like Tame Impala, or the Horrors’ recent music.

Adding to the eerie qualities are Gardner’s vocals. There’s an entrancing air to it, which again relates to 60’s pop, contrasting the melancholic tone accompanying it. Furthermore, Gardner’s lyrics complete the fascinating imagery he has managed to create with his music. On Trouble in Mind’s site is a description of Gardner’s LP, alluding to the loss of innocence from ones youth and the significant effects that maturity brings along “It’s a hard realization to discover that the world may not be as magical and wondrous as once you believed.” Jacco Gardner’s bittersweet reverberations mirror the loss of youth and coming of age.

Gardner’s full album, Cabinet of Curiosities, will be available via Trouble in Mind Records on February 12th.

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