Metallica reveals trailer for their 3D movie



Source. Metallica – Through The Never, 3D Movie

Now you can watch the official trailer (at the bottom of the page) of the first 3D Metallica movie starring James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and many others. The movie’s name is Metallica – Through The Never (so deep) and as far as I can understand from the trailer is something like a mixture between some live concerts and some real movie action.

It is not a surprised that Metallica worked at a movie, and what do we know about it until now, beside the actors and the idea of the movie is that it was directed and written by Nimród Antal, and maybe you’ve heard about him when producer Robert Rodriguez hired him to direct the Predators movies.

Starting 27th September (in US of course) the movie will be open in IMAX 3D. They haven’t announced a date for the rest of the world, but I hope that they will climb down from their cloud and are going to offer us the pleasure to watch this interesting movie.

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