Latest Amanda Palmer video filmed at the Sydney Opera House


I think that you are all familiar by now with the art of Amanda Palmer, she is not just any ordinary female talented singer, she is actually a real artist. Amanda recently released a new video with the help of Jim Batt for her Ukulele Anthem which was actually filmed at the Sydney Opera House. You can check out some behind the scenes pictures below:

Also according to the artist the section where this video was filmed it’s called The Cleavage and the beautiful semi-steampunk outfit was created by Tristan Combe, even though it seems that she wanted to film this video naked.

beautiful fact: the section of the opera house that we were filming in is literally called “THE CLEAVAGE.”
costume by tristan combe ( – hand-sewn on 48 hours NOTICE…because he is A GOD.
i ASKED to do it naked…

and given the rules about me being HARNESSED to the ground for safety reasons, i’m not sure i would have WANTED to be naked.

CHAFING. not so good.

For more pictures check out Amanda’s blog. Enjoy the video below!

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