The Cure to get remixed in upcoming emo all stars EP

The Cure

The CureThe oh-so popular emo trend (or not so popular), has a lot to owe to the New Wave innovators, The Cure. Quite frankly, I can’t think of any greater influence these heart broken artists could have, than Robert Smith’s ansamble.

As a big thank you, all the biggest emo stars are set to cover The Cure, in a short EP, craftily titled Hypnagogic States (gosh!). Of course, what’s emo without marketing, right? The artists won’t cover any of Robert’s greatest hits, but rather just the best songs from the band’s upcoming album.

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy do their thing to “The Perfect Boy”, the ‘somewhat’ talentless pretty boy Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars tackles “The Only One”, Gerard Way of the mighty My Chemical Romance gives it to “Sleep When I’m Dead”, and Jade Puget of AFI has his way with “Freakshow”. As a grand finale, Cure tourmates 65 Days of Static turn in “Exploding Head Syndrome”, in what’s, apparently, a uber mashu-up of all above 4 singles. The set is due on CD and digitally September 13 from Suretone/Geffen, with all artist royalties going to the International Red Cross. Tracklist after the jump.

Hypnagogic States:

01 The Only One (remixed by Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars)
02 Freakshow (remixed by Jade Puget from AFI)
03 Sleep When I’m Dead (remixed by Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance)
04 The Perfect Boy (remixed by Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy)
05 Exploding Head Syndrome (all four singles, remixed by 65 Days Of Static)

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