New Metallica video: ‘Cyanide’ (live at Ozzfest)

We’ve certainly gone overboard with anticipation for the new Metallica album, over the last few months, but ever since they announced the record’s name and we got to see them live 2 weeks ago, anticipation has slowly turned into obsession. The band’s had some difficulties with new material leakage over the internet, but it now seems they’ve made the first step, by releasing a live video for a brand new song off Death Magnetic, titled “Cyanide”.

Metallica premiered it live, over at Ozzfest, TX under a barrage of shouts from raging fans. Do I like it? Hell yeah! (to cite my ol’ friend James). I knew the band was going all down to the roots and all, but this was quite unexpected. I mean, Cyanide could have very well turned as a Black Album B side or a Metallica basement rarity from the mid ’80s. All the same, the song is bad ass. Check it out bellow. Oh, and remember kids, Death Magnetic is out on the faithful day of September 12th.

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