Neil Young…errr Jimmy Fallon covers the Fresh Prince theme song

neil-young-jimmy-fallonI’ve been a big fan of Jimmy Fallon since his SNL days, and him getting his own show this year, after he replaced Conan O’Brien as the host of the Late Night Show, did only to enforced my admiration. Last night, though, Jimmy delivered a moment of sheer and utter brilliance, when he strapped on a wig, a hat and a flannel and performed what can only be called the best Neil Young impression ever. Now, Jimmy has made some pretty hilarious bits and sketches in the past, but doing a Neil Young impression performing the Fresh Prince theme song, transforming it in the process from a silly middle class day time TV song to a heartwarming folk ballad is just gold in my book. I’ll say no more, check it out bellow and share a thought or two.

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