New Neil Young video: ‘Fork in the Road’

Neil Young

Neil YoungIn his latest video, for what seems to be the title track for his upcoming new album, Neil is featured in a one-shot position, listening to music on his headphones, plugged-in into an apple. He then bites it, after chanting “I’m a big rock star” (indeed you are, sir!) – quite a nice allegory to our modern day iPod, iPhone and other Apple gadgets, that today’s music enthusiasts use. “My sales have tanked, but I still got you. Download this, it sounds like shit,” he then continues, debunking and approaching a satirical attitude towards contemporary music culture distribution. He also tackles bailouts, war and other mumbo jamo.

Fork in the Road is still uncertain, as far as the release date goes, but we’re pretty sure it’s coming out sometime spring, mid-’09. What about the Archives LP, tho?

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