Neil Young twitter fan session: “Who’s Bono?”

Neil Young is currently preparing for the launch of his new album, the first original work with Crazy Horse since 2003. His new LP is already streaming before launch on his website. So the rock legend engaged in a twitter Q&A session with his fans event which saw him make a jibe at U2 front man Bono. Neil was asked:

“What do you like about foster the people? #askneil btw, bono said he likes them, too… it is surprising two super stars like them…”.

To which he replied:
“Who is Bono?”

Bazinga – right in the face!

But things got even crazier, as another fan asked mr. Young what he would do if he were locked in a room with a jar of Nutella. Not sure if I want to know any details, and the Heart of Gold wasn’t too specific either, just saying: “creative things“. Smooth talk, mr. Young. Smooth talk.

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