Slash comments getting “snubbed” by Dr. Pepper

In case you haven’t already found out about how Slash got snubbed by Dr. Pepper as part of the drink manufacturer’s recent “Chinese Democracy” promotion, I’m gonna give you a little heads up just so you know what I’m talking about.

Dr. Pepper has vowed to give everyone in the U.S. a free can of the drink if Guns N’ Roses’ long-awaited new album, “Chinese Democracy”, is released this year. Everyone, that is, apart from Slash and Buckethead [Guns N’ Roses guitarist 2000-2004]. Oh well… here’s what Slash had to say:

“Yeah, someone sent me a text about that at 3:00 a.m. last night,” Slash replied. “I thought, ‘What kind of left-field shit is that?’ It’s pretty funny, actually. I guess Buckethead and I will just have to make do with Coca-Cola.”

I actually found his response more funny than the commercial itself – the whole fuss about Chinese Democracy is sooo ten years ago! It’s been in work since 1995, and according to the New York Times, Axl already used $13 million in the studio for it !!!

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  • BellaVida

    I wonder if it might have been planned rather than a snub. Afterall the contravesy is what peeps will focus on and spark up the conversation on dr. pepper giving them even more publicity.

    never trust the man ;)

  • osamik

    you’re probably right, but it doesn’t make it any less fun :)
    oh well… I’m not keen on dr pepper anyway

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  • alejandra

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  • rock6000

    argh why cant the axl slash and the guys reform. bring bac the good guns n roses, Axl has lost it ever since the band changed
    and me and a friend think the real axl rose is actually in hiding because new axl its just not rite.

  • edy

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  • Caden

    Fuck what everyone says slash is the best and guns n roses is awesome.

  • Blazin angel

    Slash iz by far the greatest guitarist ever. Any1 that doesnt like him clearly knows nothing about good music. Slash iz guns n roses, without him they r nothing. Fuck buckethead and fuck all u haters. Slash u rock and ur my hero.

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