Mastodon ‘frighten’ David Letterman @ Late Show

David Letterman

David LettermanJust recently Mastodon were invited to play a tune on David Letterman’s Late Show in the usual post-show format. The experience, apparently, left Dave a bit ‘frighten,’ but I’m pretty convinced he’s now gone past it and erased the show out of his memory altogether. Can’t be hard at all, considering Mastodon’s performance was completely pale and unmemorable. All their shows seem this way lately. What’s happening to you, guys? The album itself, Crack The Skye is very good – excellent prog rock elements, but tad too repetitive and boring at times.

Anyway, check out the performance of the  “Grammy-nominated rock ‘n’ roll band from Atlanta” bellow and tell me what you think. Oh, check out Brent Hinds’ forehead (the crazy dude with a V guitar)! Guess he hasn’t gotten his  incident from ‘out of his head’.

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