Oasis frontman attacked on stage at Toronto’s Virgin Festival [video]


OasisHaha, you gotta give it to those Canadians, they really know how to crash a party. During Oasis‘ set on last night’s Toronto Virgin Festival, right in the middle of “Morning Glory,” a dude from the crowd came from out of the nowhere and put a good shuv on Noel Gallagher, causing him to fell off the stage. The band took some good 10 minutes to recover and then returned to complete their set.

In all seriousness now, this is one fucked up thing to do. I mean no band, no matter how terrible or hated it may be, deserves this. Noel could’ve broken a leg or something, or even worse. Still, it was funny, right?

P.S. Here’s a great guide, from the folks down at Cracked, on how to properly punch Noel Gallagher in the face.

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