New Michael Jackson video: ‘Billy Jean 08’ (Kanye West remix)

Some time ago we did a Thriller 25th anniversary special post, in which we discussed [tag]Michael Jackson[/tag]’s iconic album from its sound to its sales to its legacy. Also back then we mentioned there was gonna be a re-issue with remixes and covers, from the current pop and R&B celebrities. Such a re-edited track is MJ’s smashing Billy Jean, on which [tag]Kanye West[/tag] put his word class producing skills to the test, by infusing some killer beats and bass lines. All in all a decent take, if you decide to ignore Kanye’s “uh’s” and “yeah’s.”

In other so-so related news, Michael apparently dropped his news, while holding his baby in his hands. That’s a sight for sore eyes… ouch. Pictures at the gum, at your own risk.

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