New Morcheeba video: ‘Enjoey The Ride’

The electro infused UK duo of [tag]Morcheeba[/tag], are preparing for their sixth release, their first one without long time front lady Skye Edwards, titled Dive Deep. Left without a vocal lead, the duo was forced to collaborate with various non-permanent artists like Thomas Dybdahl, Cool Calm Pete etc, that although brought a fresh dose of music, caused Morcheeba not to sound Morcheeba anymore. Such is the case with “Enjoy The Ride,” featuring vocals from the venerable Judie Tzuke, a over all decent and warming song, but that lacks the groups familiar vibe, that’s been embedded in our memory across all these years. The video, however, is stunning, quite brilliant if I may dare. Shot as a animation and featuring half animal/half men characters, the video follows their story as they venture into a cemetery, where they raise the dead, that in term lifts them to the skies.

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