My Chemical Romance with a new single

My Chemical RomanceThe forth single to be extracted from [tag]My Chemical Romance[/tag]’s hit record “The Black Parade” is it’s eleven track “Teenagers”, set to be released on July 9.

Single tracklist:

  1. “Teenagers”
  2. “Dead! (live in Berlin)

The video for teenagers premiered on the 28th of May, and ran on all MTV channels. In the video we can see the band playing Teenagers in a empty high-school auditorium with cheerleaders behind them (this is the second school themed video by MCR) . As the video progresses and the chorus starts singing, groups of teenagers swarm through the auditoriums locked doors, fact that leads us to believe that the video has been inspired by a great lot from [tag]Pink Floyd[/tag]’s “The Wall”.

After that the cheerleaders put on gas masks and start dancing on the stage, while the teenagers put their fists in the air and move them by the songs beat. The teenagers grow ever restless and eventually take over the stage and takes the band’s instrument, inspiring a sense of terror within the band, hence comes the tracks popular phrase: “Teenagers scare the living shit out of me”. The video has also some strong influences from [tag]Nirvana[/tag]: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

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