New Weezer video: ‘Pork And Beans’

The Red Album is closer by the minute and with already four official leaks out, add this new video for Weezer‘s first single off the new album, “Pork And Beans,” the anticipation is getting almost too hard to bare. Let me tell your from the start the video simply rocks! Basically it’s a video about …Youtube videos and whenever Weezer tries out parody, you can be sure that you’ll have loads of fun. Cameos of almost all the famous Youtube stars can be seen through out the whole video, from the Numa Numa Dancer, to the Chocolate Rain guy, even to the infamous dramatic chipmunk. What I find interesting, however, is how Rivers Cuomo approached the video, because virtually the band, thanks to this unconventional take, will get loads of free publicity. It’s widely know how viral Youtube videos ca be, dropping from blog to blog, twitter, tumblr etc. Guess it serves to be an internet geek after all. Anyway just watch the damn video already, it’s no Rick Roll!

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