Photos: new Slipknot masks

Slipknot Mask

Slipknot Mask

Listen up “maggots,” the Iowan metal heads of [tag]Slipknot[/tag] are making their last preparations, before the release of their much anticipated forth full studio album, “All Hope Is Gone,” scheduled to hit the record stores on August 26. The celebrate this forth installment and probably to better promote their upcoming new work, the band have also released footage of the new mask.

Slipknot have always been famous for their massive cult fallowing, that like to call themselves “maggots,” often recognized by their horrific, but at the same time badass, masks. These new set is even more intricate and even more badass then the previous, featuring masks reminiscing popular horror characters like Hannibal Lecter and Pinhead. Check out 50+ photos of the new masks exclusively at Spinner.

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  • Sammie Hearts Jim Root and SlipKnot

    The new SlipKnot masks rock ass along with SlipKnot. BTW Corey Taylor,Joey Jordison,Mick Thomson, and Jim Roots new masks are my favs.

  • Pastie

    I think Corey Taylor is a Cloakerton, does anyone else agree? Slonsl. Lookin forward to all hope is gone, having heard psychosocial which is awesome, reminiscent of duality.

  • Chips

    shitknot are bunk pmpl

  • slipknot09


  • mikey

    man slipknot fukin rule luv the new masks guys


    q onda chida la pik de chinga tu madre bete a la ver ga adios jajaja…..

  • http://facebook ridwan parid


  • sliknot super fan

    fuck it all fuck this world and fuck you too bich jajaja slipknot is the best puto i..i chupame la verga cabron si no te gusta chinga tu madre

  • sliknot super fan

    mmm and i want a super slipknot parti can you give me that bitch?

  • michael

    ive gone off slipknot now i use to love them but now i think there just little babies moaning over pauls death well news flash paul died by drugs nobody made him take them and paul could of got help stopping them and corey doesnt wanna do slipknot anymore hes just using pauls death as an excuse corey even said hes not the angry person he use to be on a youtube video and since they arent replacing paul why dont they either just end slipknot orelse clown just take pauls place all clown does half the time is hit a barrel

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