Appetite for Destruction album review

gunsAt the late ’80s heavy metal meant nothing but a good time. But then came [tag]Appetite for Destruction[/tag] and [tag]Guns N’ Roses[/tag] changed all that. The album is a dirty, dangerous, and mean record.

They did that by going for a nasty edge to their songs and the lyrics made by Axl Rose make it very clearly that at the time he did not see much fun in the urban sprawl of L.A. and its parade of heavy metal thugs, cheap women, booze, and crime. The irony is that the lyrics are actual even today, as those problems are big today.

The music is metallic hard rock borrowed from [tag]Aerosmith[/tag], [tag]AC/DC[/tag], and countless faceless hard rock bands but the grim tales are also primal, sleazy and they reflect anger. Also sex is a common theme in the album.

The instrumental power and screeching vocals would not be be nearly as effective without the twin-guitar interplay of Slash and Izzy Stradlin, who spit out riffs and solos better than any band since the [tag]Rolling Stones[/tag], and that’s what makes Appetite for Destruction the best metal record of the late ’80s. A must have.

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