Download: Jack White & Alicia Keys – ‘Another Way to Die’

We’ve really talked about the new Bond theme song pretty extensively, these past few days, from the coke ad we first had the chance to glimpse a few riffs of it, to Jack White‘s flattering praises when discussing his collaboration with Alicia Keys. Anyway, the latest Bond theme song, “Another Way to Die,” finally hit the air waves today, and, from the few listens I’ve had, it deserves the hype. The song’s simply wonderful! Jack White riffs are really awesome, adding further depth to John Barry original guitar work, while Alicia’s vocals turns the song into an epic. Additionally, White plays drums and Keys the piano, on this track. Check it out bellow and let me know what you think! [MP3 via prefixmag]


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  • samit


  • Liam Y

    crap n im a massive bond fan crapest outta the lot

  • nitya

    wow!! awsome man… great song…

  • venusputra

    great song,thanks…

  • bertny

    i love this song but i think the other bond intros are way more intense and awesome!!

  • ellie

    AWESOME I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • sejun

    great song! thanks.

  • gossip girl

    it’s one of the best songs that i had heared in my whole life!!!BEST OF BEST!!!!i think jack is so great ilove him very much!!kiss!

    gossip girl



  • leystat

    fabelous awesome too

  • sushanth

    amazing song…awesome intro…mind blowin.!!!

  • Bazatt

    Great song, as for the movie …

    “Names sucks, it sucks…”

    go for goldfinger

  • DINA

    gud job!!!!

    indonesia loves you alicia n jack

  • Rory

    It’s an ok song, but if it was sung by different people it would have been better. Amy Winehouse, probably would have made it much better.
    Also, it isn’t really Bond-y except for the lyrics, but anyone can write a song that talks about a secret agent. Seriously

  • :)

    Crrrraaaappp song!
    they should of got english singers to sing the theme tune bcoz english singers are the best and its a popular english filmm

  • kamelia

    I think this song is fabulose.At the end that was time for someone to do something different and very special.Enought with Brithney`s sex, money and boyfriends` songs. That`s enought. I LOVE this amazing and abstract song. Congratiolations for the perfect job.
    (I am sorry for my English. I am from Bulgaria.)

  • http://sexaphil 4esTer

    Fuck1nG co0L yeeaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • camila

    ps nadamas keria decir ke los dos me encantan como canta (( pero mas alicia keys jeje pero tu tambien jack white)) ps esto es lo unikito ke keria comentarles a todos ke van a ver este coment de mis parte bueno esto es todo los ke les keria decirles alos 2 bueno yo me despido con un besote para los dos


  • thai

    I really love the James Bond movies. One of the best was the man with the golden gun. There the James Bond Rock was really impressive, in nature it isn’t so special in my opinion.