It’s Chico Time

Because Chico Time was a thing, right? Or am I remembering something else entirely?

Is that Eddie Izzard fronting a rock band? It is not. It is this thing: Chico Fellini, who are some manner of rock n’ roll beat combo. And here is what I’m telling you about them: they are releasing a double A-side single on the first of every month, featuring a Fellini original, and a cover song chosen by a magic swan (I think/hope/imagine). They have dubbed this endeavour “The Singles Series”. Quite cleverly too, for the intended result is nothing if not a series of singles.

The first of these singles is this: “Give It To Me”, with swan-endorsed B-side, “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”, originally by the unfortunately named The Cramps. The video they’ve released is this: after the cut.

CHICO FELLINI-GIVE IT TO ME from chico fellini on Vimeo.

I’m far more sold on the song than I am the video, to be honest, but that may simply be because the video is so, so, so (potentially intentionally) bad, like the video a bunch of theatre students would produce while out of their minds on Vimto and meth and desperately trying to edgy and arty. Perhaps the remainder of the Singles Series will yield sweeter, plumper fruit.

Much like the passing of the years have turned Eddie Izzard from a caustic, slim transvestite into a sweeter, plumper fruit. Go-go Gadget Intro/Outro Synergy Thing!

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