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The Killers

The Killers

The Killers are working hard and long prepping their third record for the highly anticipated release date of November 25, when “Day & Age” finally gets out. Last year’s rarities/B-sides box set, “Sawdust,” didn’t deliver at all and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. I mean, it’s not that they’ve released any high-end material, really, but let’s face it they have a few good songs. “Mr. Brightside” or “When You  Were Young” always brings the house down.

Anyway, the first single off the new album, titled “Human,” premiered last night down at BBC’s Radio One, and naturally it leaked all over the interwebs, until it reached the honorable inbox of ZME. Ok, ok, that sounds nice and all, but how’s the song, you say? Damn pathetic, is what I say! Really now, I haven’t seen the band this weak since…ever. Ok, maybe apart from some moments in Sawdust. The synthpop and fake-strings, topped across which lies Brandon Flowers’ shaky vocals. No, I’m sorry, but I just can’t relate to this song. For crying out loud, the song sounds like Pet Shop Boys bastard. Then again, I’ve heard a lot of people enjoying the song, so don’t go around bashing me yet. I’m just writing my opinion on the song. There, you have your disclaimer, now you can legally stone me to death!

The Killers – Human [MP3]

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  • dyl


  • m

    I find it funny when I read reviews like this – I thought the last album was great, but people complained that it wasn’t “dancey” or what they expected. So, they go ahead and so far the first single from the new record is an upbeat, catchy dance song..and already someone is complaining about it.

    I think it’s a great song and it’s kind of what they needed to do to make the masses who bought Hot Fuss happy.

    Also, a B-Sides album is just that. Why judge a band on a b-sides album?

  • BC

    No one’s saying that Human is The Killer’s best work, but it’s great to hear some new material. I think Brandon’s voice sounds great! “M” is right – The Killers needed to please the fans who bought Hot Fuss. (Although I still don’t understand how you couldn’t like Sam’s Town) No doubt there will be some music on Day and Age for those who DID like Sam’s Town..

  • furrever

    I’m not crazy about this new song. I wouldn’t really say that it’s similar to anything off of Hot Fuss. Sure it’s dancy, but the songs on Hot Fuss were more edgy and raw, whereas this song is more poppy and cheesy. Having said that, it’s not a bad song, just not what I was expecting. And for the record, Sam’s Town was an excellent record. Not instantly likable like Hot Fuss was, but after a few listens it waxed brilliant in my opinion. I have no doubt that Day & Age will prove to be another excellent Killers album, and the Human may end up being one of the weakest tracks on it, which is saying a lot I think.

  • wade

    This review sounds like some stuck up Brit that has nothing better to do than bash a band he hasn’t really looked into at all. Gimme a break fake-strings, shaky vocals…they have 2 decent songs, how many songs have you listened to. Sawdust didn’t deliver? How? It was all good covers especially the kenny rogers cover of Ruby. And the 4 originals of Sawdust were all fabulous songs. And Human Rocks!! And you’re not just writing your opinion of the song, you’re bashing the band. Sam’s Town was amazing and better than Hot Fuss and I expect Day and Age to be even better.

  • T Howell

    When Hot Fuss came out I thought it to be a quality record from a group doing something new to something old. When Sam’s Town came out it was like devine inspiration. The record was bold and gritty and beautiful, leaving behind the MGM Grand for the House of Hunter S in a sense. That sstyle carried on into the Sawdust tracks cover of Shadowplay and the beautiful Tranquilize.

    Then I heard Human. I’m a little dissapointed but I’m not jumping off the train yet.

  • old killers fan

    Yeah, I like what T Howell said. I’m just curious as to what they really want to sound like. Sams Town was an amazing album. It didn’t sell as well as Hot Fuss in America because Americans (this includes me) are dumb when it comes to music. I don’t know if they’re trying to please these people, or just sell more records in America. Either way, I can’t take this poppy indie crap anymore. Human sounds like a completely different band, which in my opinion is a bad thing. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken

  • Alex Gladwyn

    This is not what i call superb from the killers personally they set sucha high standard with sam’s town i dont think it will be beaten or it will take alot to beat it

    like the new stuff still though

  • Mitch

    Sam’s Town = Worst…album…ever…

    Sawdust = Worst…non-album…ever….

    Human = pretty…damn…average…

    I usually like bands to progress, but in the Killers case I just want Hot Fuss 2 if I’m honest…

  • oblakčina

    i enjoyed instrumental part.. very much!
    but text is so so
    word human is so sterile in this song hm hm

  • suzanne

    I love The Killers music, Hot Fuss was genius, Sam’s Town was brilliant, Sawdust was admittedly more for the fans but was still a fine album. All 3 albums were very different. The new stuff I’ve heard, Human, Spaceman and Neon Tiger is again very different, that does not make it bad….
    The Killers are still a young band and I think it’s great that they are putting out different styles of music, although they are always recognisable as Killers songs. Some bands produce a great first album and then keep trying to recreate it in further albums and fail miserably – not these guys! I want to see The Killers make at least 10 albums, each one different from the last and each one superb in its own right.



  • Helen

    im a new killers fan and nearly didn’t bother buying sawdust cos of reviews like this but some of my fave tracks on there, sweettalk, under the gun. not made my mind up bout human yet but after a few listens its bloody catchy, luv that wiv the killers you don’t know what to expect, just wish i could get tickets to see them live, i hope they tour uk wiv new album fingers crossed

  • Wendy

    The Killers cannot go wrong because they have the remarkable vocal and song writing talents of Brandon Flowers. He is as cute as a button and can do nothing wrong. Their new release ‘Human’ is a tear jerker. God bless Brandon Flowers. He’s genius.

  • also old fan… hopefully still

    This song sounds entirely fabricated. I think they forced the Killers to make a dancey song. I haven’t been able to find evidence, but I don’t buy it. The Killers were, and are, brilliant, even if mentally destroyed, as evidenced by the weird, but still good, sawdust. think the beatles and yellow submarine, instead of “i want to hold your hand”. This can’t, can’t be them! Listen to the lyrics! They are completely depressing except the “are we dancer”. I would like to hear if anyone else sees what I do…

  • Helena

    What a rotten review by ZME. Human has the ability to be as popular as The Killers other great tunes, and as for Brandon’s shaky vocals, his voice sounded just great to me. Their other albums, including Sawdust, have many memorable songs on them and I am sure Day and Age is going to be another great hit. Still I think people who genuinely love this band will just have to accept that there are some reviewers who really should be in another job.

  • joe


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  • Neil

    They’re still evolving as a band, so don’t be too hard on them for not making a ground breaking album right out of the gate. Just think: The Joshua Tree was U2’s fifth album, Sgt. Pepper was The Beatles Eighth!. So just give them some time and they may just pull it off.

    Oh and it’s “are we denser”, at least I hope that’s what he’s saying Because it makes allot more sense.

  • B

    They went from Bruce Springsteen on Sam’s Town to late 90s electronic pop with this song, haha. Seriously, where are the instruments?

  • thatguy

    cant believe you dissed pet shop boys

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  • Gerard

    Ha ha! Yes, you *should* be stoned to death – I personally think it’s an awesome track. Funny, I’ve loved everything this band have done singles-wise, but never bothered to buy one of their albums. I really must remedy that.

    Did you see their performance at the MTV EMAs? I thought it was brilliant.

  • RDJ

    Your an idiot. This is a great song.

  • Libby

    I personally really disliked this song. When I first heard it on the radio and didn’t know it was the Killers, I was laughing at how painful it sounded. Then I heard that it was the Killers, and became concerned. Because I LIKE the killers. This song has a fake techno beat, awkward, passionless lyrics, a bad melody, and monotonous instrumentals. I don’t know who they’re trying to appeal to, but this is so mediocre that even the dancey-liking-people will probably find it a bit too blah to dance to. I liked Sam’s Town. It was a good album. This sounds like any other crappy techno/pop band on mainstream pop radio today. In other words, it sounds horrible.

  • Libby

    Also- being popular doesn’t mean being good.


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  • sam


  • jenny


  • Gustav

    Wow. Wow!

  • Jared Stenzel

    Despite being a fan of the killers, I haven’t actually listened to many of these songs. I’m going to do so right now as I need some more music for my ipod.

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