Delta Spirit @ La Blogotheque: ‘People Turn Around’

Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit

I’m really a big fan of Vincent Moon and his La Blogotheque sessions. The spontaniety of the show, how you can watch your favorite indie band playing in the street, even with ‘house hold’ instruments, all from the confort of your own home is amazing for me. However, I nearly can’t believe it how a big of fool I’ve been for missing out Delta Spirit‘s Blogotheque session, where the San Diego soulful musicians just killed it with their from the heart performance. They sung in a cable cart too, which is pretty amazing, right?

Anyway, thanks a lot to the Captain for putting this up and making me aware. You can check out the whole Delta Spirit Blogotheque session here. I’ll leave you with my favorite performance bellow, that of “People Turn Around” from the band’s latest 2008 LP “Ode to Sunshine.”

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  • Chuck

    I lived in San Diego for a few years and was always like ‘How in the hell did I not notice these guys?’ Such a fun band to watch, and very soulful, something that really sets them apart. I mean the band plays trash can lids and make it sound amazing.