Download: Arcade Fire – ‘Burning Bridges’

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire has always sorta had a shroud of mystery around it, maybe because of the band’s more or less unique approach to music or maybe just because … it’s just something special. For the fans and curious peeks alike, the band will soon release a DVD, titled Miroir Noir, comprised of a documentary relating the making of AF’s most recent album “Neon Bible“, as well as various live performances from the tour. Through out 2007 and 2008, the band played 122 shows (including 33 festivals) in 75 cities and 19 countries, so I’m sure the director, Vincent Moon (mastermind of the famous La Blogotheque), managed to put out some pretty amazing stuff.

As an added bonus, the band has released a new free MP3 of “Burning Bridges,” the instrumental version of “Burning Bridges, Breaking Hearts,” a song most of you may remember from Arcade Fire’s live shows. Quite different when there aren’t any vocals on it. You can download it from the Miroir Noir website, in expense for a working e-mail, or directly from bellow. Have fun! [VIA P4k and Basement Beatz]


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