Download: Heartless Bastards – ‘The Mountain’

Heartless Bastards

Heartless Bastards

Dayton, Ohio locals, The Heartless Bastards, form a garage rock band that impresses through it’s smooth combination of blues and retro ’70s rock, much like their fellow Ohians and label mates, The Black Keys. To be frank the band feels more like a solo project, as Erika Wennerstrom‘s dominance can be felt through out their whole catalog. Actually for the new album, their third, called “The Mountain,” Erika made out a new band, surrounding herself by drummer Dave Colvin and bassist Jesse Ebaugh, to complete a trio.

The Mountain is really a winner in my book. A very solid indie rock release, packed with Erika’s wonderful, heart felt vocals and weery guitar lines. Bellow is the MP3 of the album’s title track and, at the same time, highlight. Have fun!


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